The demand for self-monitoring by government authorities increases every year. The aim is that only those companes able to handle food products correctly will be allowed to do so. Companies should follow established regulations for hygiene and apply the HACCP- adapted control plans. Self-monitoring means that you have documented control procedures within a number of areas such as training, personal hygiene, pest control, cleaning, temperature and much more. It is therefore essential to have smart, safe and effective solutions so that you can always guarantee the demands are met without uneccessary extra work.

With ICU's solutions this is easy.
Altero offers two solutions: the wireless temperature monitoring system CoolGuard, which automatically measures and records the temperature, sends an alarm and creates documents when something is wrong,
and the administration system COOLGUARD, which creates work orders according to the self-monitoring plan submitted to the Environmental & Health Administration Department.

Regardless whether these systems are used together or separately, they make it easier and cheaper to ensure food quality and that regulations are met.

ICU's solutions are currently used by a number of prominent companies, such as Scandic Hotels, IKEA, ICA, Stena Line and Liseberg, to name but a few.

This is how ICU's system for self-monitoring and temperature supervision works.

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